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Веганский протеиновый коктейль, органический 80% (какао)


Веганский протеиновый коктейль, органический 80% (какао)

Веганский протеиновый коктейль, органический 80% (какао)

Now Vegetable Protein has become TASTY. High quality protein from 2 different sources Green Origins Superfoods has been specially designed to provide a complete source of vegetable protein. Green Origins Superfoods's vegetable protein blend has been specially designed to provide a complete source of natural, vegetable protein.
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Категория: Superfoods

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This is a versatile product that can be added to sweet or savory protein-boosting recipes. The combination of rice protein, peas and hemp means that it is also completely free of soy and dairy products, which are often found in protein powders.

Organic Pea Protein Powder (80%) 52.5%
Organic Rice Protein Powder (80%)31.3%
Organic Coconut Sugar 10%
Organic Cacao Powder 3%

Ingredients: Organic pea protein isolate, organic rice protein isolate, organic coconut blossom nectar, Organic cacao powder (3%), Natural flavourings, Thickener – Xanthan Gum, Sea Salt.

The Protein vegan shakes have been developed to provide you with a tastier and more convenient way to boost your protein intake. Containing only natural ingredients, this shake combines the chocolatey flavour of South American cacao with a blend of pea and rice protein isolates to deliver a complete source of plant-based protein. Suitable for anyone following a vegan or vegetarian diet – or anyone who is looking for a great tasting drink to enjoy anytime.
Organic protein shake powder (cacao) is certified Organic by the Soil Association. The product is certified to UK and EU Organic Standards.

Suggested Use
Mix the powder well before every use. Then, in a shaker or bottle mix 25 - 30g with 250-300ml of a milk of your choice.

Country of Manufacturer United Kingdom

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