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Warm wine with spices - A festive drink

Warm wine with spices - A festive drink

If you make it at home, remember to leave the spices for at least one hour in the wine and then reheat the mixture to "water" with all the fragrances.

The wine is served, however strange it sounds, in ceramic or refractory cups, like coffee. If one thinks better, however, this is reasonable, as the wine is served warm and the glass or glassware is not heat resistant. In the Scandinavian countries, it is usually served in a low cup with saucer, and in addition raisins and almonds are added, accompanied by ginger cookies.


1 bottle of red wine

A cinnamon stick

7-8 carnations

Half a lemon slices

Juice from an orange

Half a cup of sugar

3 tablespoons honey (or more if you prefer)

1 pinch of nutmeg

Optional rum, brandy or vodka, depending on how much you want your drink


Heat the wine in a saucepan at a temperature lower than the boiling temperature of the wine (60-70 degrees) and add the remaining ingredients. Be careful not to boil the mixture because it will evaporate all the alcohol. After the mixture has warmed, drain if necessary. Serve the drink preferably in ceramic mugs.