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Original Cococnut bowls

Original Cococnut bowls

Reduce Waste

Each year, 50 billion coconuts are produced around the world. However, 85% of these coconuts’ shells are treated as mere waste. While some people use coconut shells for making charcoal, most of them are just thrown away. They are often discarded by open burning, which greatly contributes to carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

In order to have a greener planet, each of us must strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Rainforest Bowls does this by repurposing discarded coconut shells and turning them into usable bowls. Reclaiming these shells helps lessen coconut waste and reduces the amount of trash sent to landfills and incinerators. As a result, our coconut bowls help diminish the toxic greenhouse gas emissions that bring about climate change.

Unlike regular bowls and dishes, coconut bowls do not require the collection of natural materials. Because they’re made from discarded shells, they eliminate the need to collect and consume new raw materials, which, in turn, helps conserve natural resources. Reclaimed and repurposed, these coconut bowls are unquestionably ideal for those living a zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle.
Promote Sustainability

95% of the 50 billion coconuts grown annually are owned by 10 million farmers, most of whom live in Southeast Asia. Also, most of these coconut farmers choose to throw the coconuts’ shells away as they cannot find value in them. For this reason, Rainforest Bowls has decided to reclaim the previously unwanted shells from local farms in Vietnam. Since ecological balance is our top priority, the shells we reclaim are sourced from coconut farmers who practice sustainable farming techniques. That’s why our coconut bowls are, in a way, also promoting sustainability in coconut farming.

Leading sustainable lives means avoiding the consumption and depletion of natural resources. In addition to advocating for sustainable farming, our coconut bowls promote sustainability by repurposing waste rather than consuming new natural resources. By using discarded coconut shells instead of ceramic, metal, plastic, and other materials, these coconut bowls avoid depleting raw resources. Thus, these bowls perfectly suit a sustainable lifestyle as they give a new purpose to coconut waste.

Apart from this, we believe that producing coconut bowls is a form of social entrepreneurship. Since coconut farmers have an average income of less than $2 per day, making coconut bowls is also a viable way to support their livelihoods. So not only can these coconut bowls encourage sustainability, but they also help promote the livelihoods of people in a rural community in Vietnam.
Crafted by Hand

Our coconut bowls did not just come out of the blue. Thanks to the amazing talents of artisans in Vietnam, discarded shells are turned into beautifully handcrafted coconut bowls. These bowls went through an all-natural process of cutting and sanding. Then, they are polished with natural coconut oil, which results in their gleaming appearance.

Because all of our coconut bowls are completely crafted by hand, they do not make use of any chemicals. That means they are completely safe for holding food. That also means making these bowls does not involve the harmful process of producing toxic chemicals, which has a damaging impact on the environment in itself.

Another advantage of making coconut bowls by hand is that the process uses significantly less energy than the process of mass-manufacturing other types of bowls. Mass production has led to the exploitation of raw resources and has generated harmful levels of pollution. It also continues to exhaust huge amounts of energy sources, which results in more pollution, global warming emissions, and other environmental issues. With handcrafted coconut bowls, on the other hand, there’s no need to worry about any of that.
Encourage Sustainable Eating and Eco-Friendly Living

Sustainable living is by no means easy. As we’ve gotten used to purchasing plastic items and other products made from artificial chemicals, it tends to be difficult to live a life without these purchases. However, there’s one way to make living sustainably easier, and it starts with choosing sustainable products, just like coconut bowls. By surrounding yourself with sustainable choices, you can transform your environment into a more sustainable one. This results in a change of your identity and, in turn, your lifestyle. That is because your environment can influence the decisions you make and the habits you create. When your home environment is filled with eco-friendly products like coconut bowls, you can be a lot more motivated to live a totally eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Biodegradation Time

Below is a list of the required biodegradation time for some commonly disposed waste products.

Rags: 1-5 months
Paper: 2-5 months
Rope: 3-14 months
Orange peels: 6 months
Wool socks: 1-5 years
Cigarette butts: 1-12 years
Paper milk packaging: 5 years
Leather shoes: 25-40 years
Nylon fabric: 1-40 years
Plastic rings (one six): 450 years
Glass bottles: 1 million years
Plastic bottles: last forever