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Полезный шоколадный мусс

Полезный шоколадный мусс

Living healthy does not mean that we have to abandon all the sweets completely, it simply means
we must abandon unhealthy refined sugars and artificial sweeteners.

With natural sweeteners such as the following: Honey, coconut sugar, carob syrup, maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, brown rice syrup, figs.


1 mature avocado
1 banana
2-3 tbl of raw cocoa powder
1-2 tbl. honey or agave or maple syrup
Just a bit natural orange juice or almond milk
For garnishing Ceylon cinnamon and a few almonds crushed
Place all the ingredients in the mixer until they become mousse
Put it in the fridge and then enjoy it garnished with the cinnamon and almonds or spread it in a homemade pancake or crepe.

Source: Dr. Dimitra Tyllianaki