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Ваниль - шоколадное мороженое

Ваниль - шоколадное мороженое


For the Vavilla ice cream
• 400 ml of cream
• 1 can of sweetened milk
• 1 vanilla bean

For the Chocolate ice cream

• 400 ml of cream
• 1 box of sweetened milk
• 4 to 5 tablespoons of cocoa


1. Beat the cream into whipped cream.
2. When ready, we purr in the bowl the sweetened milk.
3. Cut the vanilla in the middle and remove the seeds with a knife.
4. Add them to the mixture and mix.
5. In the same way we make chocolate ice cream just in instead of vanilla we put the cocoa and homogenize.
6. Serve at least 6 hours after we have put the mix in the freezer.