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Karteraki wooden Cube Limited Edition

чайные пакетики

Karteraki wooden Cube Limited Edition
Karteraki wooden box 3
Karteraki wooden box 2
Karteraki wooden box 4

Karteraki wooden Cube Limited Edition

Based on the traditional Cretan recipes and the unique quality of Cretan aromatic herbs, selected by specialized food experts, KARTERAKI is packed in innovative teabags which can preserve its flavour and aroma the quality of its ingredients and they are easy to use.
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Категория: Чайные пакетики

Похожие категории: травы, чай

Код товара: 2003-1-6363



KARTERAKI® is packed in an innovative teabag package that keeps the flavor, aroma and quality characteristics of its ingredients for a long period of time.

The collectible wooden box contains 2 pieces of Cretan herbs: Traditional Karteraki, Aromatic Karteraki, Karteraki Green, Louiza, Sage, Diktamnus, Mint, and Chamomile.

It's a special gift idea for someone you want to offer to his loved ones a traditional gift from Crete.

Karteraki Traditional: With dictamnus, sage, marjoram and sour. Karteraki is a Cretan traditional herbal tea, particularly relaxing and toning for the stomach, ideal for at any time of the day and all seasons. Based on the traditional Cretan recipe, it is made by blending harmoniously dictamnus with Cretan sage and Cretan marjoram and penny royal (a kind of wild mint).

Karteraki Aromatic: With dictamnus, sage, marjoram, lemon verbena, chamomile, cinnamon, cloves. A great combination of aromatic Cretan herbs, dittany, sage, marjoram, lemons and chamomile, mixed with favorite spices of the east, such as Ceylon cinnamon and Madagascar cloves. Mild sweet aromatic flavor and oriental aroma in a cup of an exceptional botanical tea.

Karteraki Green: With green tea, dittany and thyme. Crete embraces the philosophy of green tea! A delicious and toning decoction of dictamnus and Cretan thyme leaves combined with fine green tea. Try this beneficial tea that stimulates thought, helps to eliminate stress and enhances the feeling of well-being!

Lemon Verbena: For good mood and beautiful body. It is considered an excellent herb that effectively helps in slimming and fights cellulite. Experience the power of the leaves of genuine Cretan Lemon verbena, giving a unique tea with natural light lemonish flavor.

Sage: The famous and sacred "elixir" of longevity. We prepare this unique botanical tea from mature leaves of Cretan sage collected in the heart of summer, from the rocky areas around the forest of Rouva, in the southern mountain range of Psiloritis. Strong, rich flavor with intense refreshing scent of Cretan sage.

Dittany: The "native herb" of Crete. Dictamnus is the most valuable native herb and grows exclusively on Crete. We have carefully chosen for this botanical tea only a new crop of young gray-green leaves and purple flowers that are collected in the Lasithi Mountains as soon as June comes in and the summer heat starts. It has a distinct, mild taste and stimulates the stomach and the desire...!

Mint: A cup of mint tea to make the flavor of your day. This mint is made of young leaves of genuine Cretan mint that have been cultivated in Crete for many years by producers who have much love and care for this herbs. Try this wonderful herbal tea with its intense peppery aroma and sweet fresh taste.

Chamomile: A cup of chamomile takes away the worries and relaxes you.... For this sachet of herbal tea, we chose the fine petals and stamens of native-wild chamomile, collected from the foothills of Psiloritis mountain each spring just before Easter. Chamomile is for relaxing, insomnia and anxiety, it has a nice sweet taste and it is…… natural!

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