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Bitter Wood (Quassia)


Bitter Wood  (Quassia)

Bitter Wood (Quassia)

The action of the plant is also important in regulating blood sugar and lipids (cholesterol), a property that seems to be stronger than other herbs in this category.
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Quail or Quassia got its name from Graman Quassi, the Surinamese botanist who first studied and described the properties of this plant.

In herbal medicine, quasia is indicated as a tonic, mild laxative, cholagogue and hepatogene, against parasites of the skin, scalp and gastrointestinal tract, but also for scabies.

It is also considered effective in cases of Anorexia Nervosa, indigestion (bloating) and constipation. Many of the properties of the plant have been confirmed by scientific research which has shown its protective action against certain cancers (leukemia, etc.) as well as against the appearance of ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract.

Bitterwood is traditionally used by the natives of South America for fever, malaria, liver and bile diseases, parasites, muscle spasms, snake bites. The Brazilian Indians use the trunk in body washes for measles, and in mouthwashes after tooth extraction as picroxyl has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

It has also been found to be an effective insecticide and in many countries is used to protect against pests and insects harmful to crops.

Other uses:

Picroxyl is used as the basis of Angostura Bitter which is used as a flavoring in gin-based beverages.

It is also used as a substitute for hops in the preparation of beer.

Long-term use should be avoided.

Do not use during pregnancy (may cause uterine colic).

Origin Jamaica

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