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Jalapeno green chilli powder


Jalapeno green chilli powder

Jalapeno green chilli powder

Jalapeno is one of the most well-known chile peppers in the world and the most commonly available variety of Jalapeno pepper. One of the most popular peppers for processing the Jalapeno pepper is commonly pickled and marketed as a topping for nachos, hot dogs and hamburgers in ballparks, stadiums, movie theaters and arenas. They are also a common pepper for use in production of commercial salsas and hot sauces.
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The Jalapeno chilli is one of the most widely used in the world, and is particularly well known for its essential role in many Mexican dishes. It is also extremely common in Indian food, where it is better known perhaps as the ‘bullet’ chilli.

It has a distinctive fresh, grassy flavour with plenty of heat, and a lovely balance between the two. Our Jalapeno powder retains these qualities, together with the vibrant green colour this chilli has. Not as hot as fresh jalapeno, it still packs a punch! Blended with other chillies and cumin for a seasoning mix, it will give life and zest to your dish, and it is especially good when used in a salsa verde, or (with caution) in guacamole.

Also it has a great affinity with pork – try making chilli con carne with pork, lots of fresh coriander and ground Jalapeno and you will get a deliciously authentic Mexican experience.

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