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Frankincense essential oil (BioLand 10ml)

эфирные масла

Frankincense essential oil (BioLand 10ml)

Frankincense essential oil (BioLand 10ml)

Frankincense's essential oil is used in aromatherapy for self-concentration, spiritual uplift, cough, cold, nervous conditions and stress.
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Категория: эфирные масла

Код товара: 8022-5772



The essential oil of Frankincense comes from the distillation of the resin of the tree and has a spicy balsamic aroma.

This oil is used in aromatherapy as well as for medical purposes.

~ The essential oil of Frankincense improves mental clarity and it is good for anxiety and depression. When used in aromatherapy, when inhaled it has a sedative effect that causes relaxation while reducing the feelings of anxiety, anger and anxiety. It acts as a sedative for the nervous system, for anxiety and hypertension, it is used as a respiratory tranquilizer and respiration retardant.

~ The essential oil of Frankincense has deep regenerating properties for the skin, because it helps dehydrated skin to hydrate and disappear all wrinkles. Its unique aroma is due to the volatile oils. As an essential oil it has a medium to low note, it is not toxic and does not irritate the skin in most cases. For the skin is considered to be suitable for cleaning and disinfecting small cysts, inflammations and to balance oily skin with acne. It has beneficial effects on ulcers, abscesses, wounds and injured skin.

It was used as a diuretic, menopausal, tonic and antiseptic of the urinary system. Hemorrhoids are treated with Frankincense as well as period pains and cystitis.

Its antiseptic properties cure laryngitis and sinusitis while having beneficial effects on ulcers, abscesses, wounds and injured skin.

It combines very well with: sandalwood, pine, geranium, lavender, orange, bergamot, basil.

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