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Bol karydas agrio jumbo green elephant
Coconut Jumbo Natural Bowl Green Elephant
Coconut Bowls
Coconut bowl prwino bachari

Original wild Coconut Bowl 14-15cm

Our Original Coconut Bowls are handcrafted by artisans and sanded until smooth, then polished with coconut oil, to bring out their natural beauty.
7.40€ 7.40€

Категория: питание

Похожие категории: Superfoods, чай, Teaware

Код товара: 1016-2



Description: The outside of the bowl is rough and the inside is smooth.

Authentic Coconut Bowl: size large
Diameter: 14-15 cm
Height: 7-8 cm
Volume: 650-700 ml

If refreshing and colourful smoothie bowls or delicious desserts are for you, then our Original Coconut Bowl is the perfect size. If you're looking for a bowl that fits even more goodness, check out our Jumbo Coconut Bowl.

This product is eco-friendly and sourced sustainably and it is ethically made.

Care instructions: It is important to take care of your bowl, from coconut shell, as it is a 100% natural product. Follow the basic instructions below to ensure longevity in your bowl.

Washing: Wash it by hand with lukewarm soap and water. Do not soak it in water for a long time and do not wash it in the dishwasher.

The coconut bowl is suitable for serving food at room temperature or at cold temperature. For hotter food, it is wise to prepare the pan for

temperature change. First rinse the bowl with lukewarm water and then set it aside until dry. This process will ensure the durability of the utensil.

Do not expose the bowl to excessive temperatures and do not put it in the refrigerator, oven, microwave or dishwasher.

Polish your bowl with pure coconut oil (or other oil of your choice), every ten uses, to maintain or restore its smooth and shiny surface and at the same time seal its pores.

Hot foods can cause cracks (in rare cases)

Package includes one piece

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