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Elevenfit Mix Dulce de Leche sugar free (9g)


Elevenfit Mix Dulce de Leche sugar free (9g)

Elevenfit Mix Dulce de Leche sugar free (9g)

Delicious powdered drink with caramel flavor. No sugar, no calories (only 3kcal / 100ml). The sweet suggestions of Mix are the smartest idea and innovative solution for lovers of sweet treats and more. They have a wonderful taste, minimal calories, great variety and easy preparation.

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Категория: питание

Похожие категории: питание, спортивное питание, без глютена, кондитеру, Dukan - Keto - Paleo diets

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The Mixes give an incredible taste, enjoy it in tea, yogurt, dessert jelly, milkshakes, jams, syrups of your choice !!! Create a very easy and delicious dessert by dissolving a part of the contents of a Mix envelope in yogurt, milk, vegetable drink or smoothie.

Elevenfit Mix gives an incredible taste to cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cocktails… but also to many other recipes.

Elevenfit Mix Sweet is a powdered drink without sugar, gluten and calories.

Elevenfit Mix drinks can be used in sweet preparations and desserts giving a pleasant taste and sweetness.

Ideal for diabetics, for people who follow a special diet low in carbohydrates and for all types of diet. BIO friendly and vegan, does not contain preservatives. Mix products do not contain Aspartame or Acesulfame.

Elevenfit Mix Sweet has the following advantages:

~ No calories (only 3 Kcal / 100mL)

~ They do not contain sugar

~ They do not contain gluten

~ They do not contain allergens

~ Vegetarian products (vegan)

~ Suitable for use in beverages, sweets and desserts.

~ Easy to carry with, so you can take them with you to the office, the gym, travel.

~ Wonderful & realistic flavors from favorite sweet flavors.

Dosage: Mix 1 sachet of Elevenfit Mix Sweet in 750-2,0Lt milk or water or any other drink you want to give flavor. Alternatively, add a quantity of your choice to sweets, desserts, yogurt or another sweet or savory preparation.

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