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Холистик омолаживающий Крем осел молоко


Холистик омолаживающий Крем осел молоко
Agisaros krema prosopou gala gaidouras mavri pefki bachari
Krema prosopou gala gaidouras mavri pefki oros prosopou

Холистик омолаживающий Крем осел молоко

The donkey milk is a valuable health and beauty ingredient with famous from antiquity, with regenerative properties. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin in depth, tightens and brightens the skin by promoting same skin colore tone, erases fine lines and wrinkles. In combination with hyaluronic acid, vegetable, black pine and other 100% natural bio-active ingredients, created a cream that corrects all signs of aging.
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Категория: косметика

Похожие категории: косметика, Men's grooming, Women's care

Код товара: 1018-1147



Ingredients: Donkey Milk, Siberian black pine Extract, Hyaluronic acid plant origin, Rose Water *, vegetable oil apricot kernels *, jojoba *, argan *, avocado * and almond * Boerhavia diffusa Root Extract *, Tocopherol Natural vitamin E, essential oil Gazia

*organic culture

Used daily morning and night on clean face and neck. Visible results from the first week of use.


Donkey milk * Organic milk donkey milk from small producers with respect to animals and their diet.

Extract Siberian black pine, powerful antioxidant, in vitro studies have shown that regulates melanogennisis and fades freckles in a safe manner, enhances collagen synthesis consistently tightens skin, protects the skin from the effects of oxidative stress (pollution, smoking, uv radiation, stress) that are responsible for premature aging and photoaging.

Hyaluronic acid plant origin low and very low molecular weight that acts from the inside out for deep hydration and absorption to the deeper layers of the skin. Visible hydrated and firmer skin immediately.

Rose water * excellent quality from Greek producers, with anti-wrinkle and regenerating properties. Refreshes and tones the skin.

Valuable vegetable oils apricot kernels *, jojoba *, argan *, avocado * and * almond nourish and moisturize the skin by transferring their vitamins, essential acids and antioxidants into the skin.

Root Extract Boerhavia diffusa, plant with strong antioxidant properties used in Ayurveda for centuries to revive, the main active substances regulate the production of melanocytes and their accumulation in specific areas, discolor existing discolorations safely according to in vitro studies to volunteers demonstrated efficacy and a very dark skin.

linden flower extract *, regenerates and improves the texture and appearance of the skin giving shine, wonderful aroma relaxes and calms.

Tocopherol Natural vitamin E known for its anti-aging, regenerative, moisturizing and protective properties from external factors.

Gazia essential oil protects the skin and gives further regenerative properties and the sweet relaxing fragrance full of memories.

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