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Bundle Panacea3 Natural Face Lift Set 1
Krema proswpou saligari face cream from snail secretion silver
Face mist from snail secretion mysterious 0 11zon 1
Sapouni ekrima saligariou prosopo panacea 3

Панацея красоты для лица3 (Набор из 3 шт.) (Специальное предложение)

The uniquely high percentage of allantoin, elastin, collagen, proteins, glycolic acid, glucosamines and the other natural components of the secretion act synergistically and give a uniquely soft and bright face from the first use, while the lines of wrinkles are smoothed and are reduced from the very first days of use.

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Категория: косметика

Похожие категории: подарки, косметика, Women's care, Мужской уход

Код товара: 1011-1




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Bundle of 3 difrent products:

Face cream Panacea 3 (30ml): Cream prodused with the freshest ingredients, with 99% natural ingrediants, without Parabens, and discharge from snails that feed and grow outdoors without heavy metals, without the use of pesticides and chemical formulations.

Face Mist Lifting (Panacea 90% snail secretion) (50ml): With 90% snail secretion a natural product with direct effect even on much damaged skin. It can be used anywhere in the body to prevent or correct sun problems such as discoloration, premature aging, dehydration etc. It ofers the modern woman an immediate Face Lifting that combines direct lifting and tightening action with anti-aging benefits. It is designed to quickly eliminate the symptoms of fatigue and sleep deprivation. Ideal to instantly eliminate the signs of tiredness and restore the skin to all its grandeur. In just 2 minutes with just one application, it improves the appearance of the skin, reduces wrinkles and expression lines, and restores the vitality and shine of the skin.

Snail mucus secretion natural soap Panacea 3 (100g): It is a product with amazing cosmetic benefits. The snails of Escargot de Crete live in the natural environment of Crete and provide us with the strongest snail secretion in the world. This results that the Panacea 3 soap is not just a simple cleansing soap but an essential product for daily skin care and protection. Once you use it you will immediately see that your skin will be soft, gentle and hydrated throughout the day.

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