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Натуральная зубная щетка из биоразлагаемого бамбука


Натуральная зубная щетка из биоразлагаемого бамбука
Odontovourtsa malaki trixa bamboo fysiki woobamboo
Woobamboo forbes 600x600

Натуральная зубная щетка из биоразлагаемого бамбука

The toothbrush is with medium and pointed bristles that gently are cleaning the spaces between teeth, withouth damaging enamel.
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Категория: косметика

Похожие категории: косметика, Мужской уход, Women's care

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WooBamboo is made with a MOSO bamboo handle – the only fast-growing kind of bamboo that endangered pandas don’t eat. It is one of the fastest regenerating plants in the world and there is no deforestation.
The material is undergoing a process of carbonisation and thermal treating so that we can guarantee water proof handle and bacteria-free natural product throughout the course of life.

During production, the handle is being exposed to extremely high temperatures, because otherwise the natural composition of bamboo could potentially attract microbes and other microorganisms. The bristles are made from a top quality recycled nylon, which will decompose in nature 20 times faster than ordinary polyester threads. The packagings are from 100% recycled papers so we can introduce a completely compostable product.

All brushes are with middle softness bristles, because we have noticed that not only ourselves but a lot of other people had started to complain about bleeding gums. This is starting to become a global problem and it shouldn’t be neglected. All the bristles are tapered to clean hard to reach places easily. With these tapered bristles you can access the places between teeth where plaque and tartar is building up.

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