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Eau De Parfum Powder Bee Factror (50ml)


Eau De Parfum Powder Bee Factror (50ml)

Eau De Parfum Powder Bee Factror (50ml)

Eau De Parfum Powder is a soft and sensual with a floral trace of iris and calf or as we can say one of the most characteristic baby scents.
21.90€ 21.90€

Категория: косметика

Код товара: 8031



The intensity of the powder and the cleanliness that comes from the perfume is so much that it lasts all day. And of course, it is something you notice in your clothes when you take them off, returning home late after an intense day. No matter how intense your day is, you will have the smell of cleanliness no matter what happens!

This perfume Powder is a high quality and new philosophy, natural product with respect to the skin and the environment with natural ingredients and 100% natural beetroot alcohol.

Combines ideally with Body lotion Powder 100ml

Powder Perfume: Girls have returned to naturalness, they like to be themselves and not hide what is actually behind a heavy makeup or a correspondingly heavy perfume.

Bee Factor perfumes are made with top quality aromatic oils to create the most pleasant and sensual scent.

They create unique high quality perfumes for our customers who just do not want to smell like everyone else.

Does not contain: paraben, denatured alcohol, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, dyes, glycol, PEG, EDTA, SLS, petroleum products, whether of synthetic or animal origin.

It is not tested on animals and is dermatologically tested.

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