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Organic Mint & Green tea toothpaste ((Urtekram 75ml)

органические косметика

Organic Mint & Green tea toothpaste ((Urtekram 75ml)

Organic Mint & Green tea toothpaste ((Urtekram 75ml)

Urtekram has given the fresh taste of mint a shot of green tea, because it seems that the polyphenols in green tea may have a positive effect on teeth and gums. Researchers at the University of Illinois in the US have come to this result, among others.
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Category: Органические косметика

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This toothpaste cleans effectively with the forces of nature, and it contains a strong team. The chalk which is used was created millions of years ago and is simply gathered from the bottom of the sea and then pulverized. That is also the reason that this toothpaste has the natural, light grey color of natural chalk. Furthermore, this organic toothpaste has a high content of aloe vera, because it helps protect your gums and provides them with some additional care. And as a small extra bonus Urtekram has also added myrrh, which is known for its disinfecting effect.

Ingredients: Natural chalk, water, glycerine**, aloe vera*, polysaccharides, mint oil*, green tea extract*, myrrh, magnolia bark extract. * = Organic farming. ** = Made using organic ingredients.

22 % organic of total
90 % organic of total minus water and minerals

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