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Thermos or tea Yin Yang3
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Thermos or tea Yin Yang
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Thermos or tea pink Lychee4

Thermos Tumbler Yin Yang (470ml)

Or Tea? Tumbler is designed for you to enjoy your tea on the go whether it is cold or hot. It makes an excellent gift for the connoisseur of practical gadgets.

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Tumbler is designed for you to enjoy your tea on the go whether it is cold or hot. Made in high quality stainless steel printed with our signature Or Tea? Illustrations.

Each Tumbler comes with a smart thermostat installed in the lid to track the temperature of the tea in the flask.

No battery is required as it has a lifetime of on-off for 50,000 times.

A strainer is also provided for loose tea lovers.

~ Net Weight 340g
~ Volume 460ml
~ Material Stainless steel
~ Functions Keep warm for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours

Description: This practical thermo mug is perfect for hot drinks lovers who like to have tea or coffee on hand.

It is made of the highest quality stainless steel, thanks to which it can withstand the temperature of the liquid for 6-12 hours, and also does not leak. It does not have an unpleasant specific smell, which changes the taste of the drink. There is an LED display on the lid of the thermos. One touch is enough to display the current temperature of the liquid in it.

The thermal container has a capacity of 470 ml. Ideal for travel, car, study, work or outdoors. Due to its compact size, it can easily fit even in a small backpack or purse. It fits in a car cup holder and feels great in the hand. This is a great gift for connoisseurs of practical gadgets.

The thermo mug is equipped with a practical overlay with a strainer. If you are a fan of brewed coffee or tea without a bag, you do not need to strain the drink before pouring it into a thermos. The strainer keeps even the smallest residues inside.

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