Payment methods

Payment by Credit Card:

Our online store accepts every credit card Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Citibank, as it uses the onLine systems of Paypal. Your dealings at our online store are protected by higher systems of online security which guarantee a secure environment for your deals.For purchases with your credit card follow the instructions which will be given to you by Paypal.In case you choose to pay with a credit card you should be present upon the receipt of your order having with you your credit card and ID. In that case (payment by credit card) the receipt of the order is not allowed by a third party. In case the order is performed on data and on behalf of the company then the credit card used has to be corporate. It has to be issued in the respective company data. Also during the delivery the authorized holder should be present with his credit card and ID.

Payment upon receiving your order at your personal space (Cash on delivery)

Pay the courier upon receving your order of at your personal space. The method of payment on cash-on-delivery applies only for Greece

Receipt and payment of your order at the nearest store of the company BACHAROPOLIO:

In the final stage of checkout select at the Method of Sending the 'Collect from Store' option. Your order will remain in the shop for 2 days. The payment of the order will be in hand at the store receipt. If you choose to pay your order with a credit card we inform you that it will be charged at the store. You need to have your credit card and ID (or passport) when paying at the store.

By bank transfer:

Prepay your order in one of the following accounts of the banks we work with:

Bank Bank Account      Beneficiary                                     IBAN
PIRAEUS BANK   6556 - 102685 -911        Doxastakis Nkolaos GR51 0171 5560 0065 5610 2685 911

and send us a copy of the bank payment at email or at fax 2810 330 740. Upon the receipt of a copy of the bank mandate payment, we will send your order.


Orders over € 1500 for individuals and over € 3000 for companies:

Under current tax rules, since 03.01.2012 vouchers worth over 1.500 € for individuals (Retail Receipt)and vouchers worth over 3.000 € for professionals / businesses (Sales Invoice) should be paid ONLY with the following ways:

• Deposit / transfer to a bank account

• Charge to your credit or debit card

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