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Organic Coffee substitute from Cretan carobs - Carofee (300g)


Organic Coffee substitute from Cretan carobs - Carofee (300g)

Organic Coffee substitute from Cretan carobs - Carofee (300g)

A Mediterranean Vegetable Organic coffee from roasted carobs, without preservatives and additives. The coffee from carob has no caffeine and is naturally sweet. It is a very good alternative to coffee and beneficial to health. Looks like and has the same taste in coffee.
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Category: Nutrition

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Prepare it just like you are preparing up your coffee. Can be used as filter coffee, espresso and instant coffee.


~ The carob is a healthy alternative to chocolate and coffee. Carob, unlike the chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, both of which are stimulants.
~ In addition, the amine does not contain locust phenylethanamine and which may cause allergic reactions and migraine headaches.
~ There is no oxalic acid that prevents the body to make use of calcium and zinc.
~ The oxalic acid in chocolate can be connected with the principle stiktotitas some adolescents who eat large amounts of chocolate. Carob contains no gluten and so helps a delicacy for those who suffer from a celiac disease called "celiac disease".
~ All bean products do not contain gluten, and are high in protein and low in fat.
~ Contains two times more calcium than milk.
~ It is rich in vitamins A, B, B2, B3 and D provide many minerals and trace elements.
~ They help in digestion, throwing cholesterol levels, relieve diarrhea in infants and adults, relieve asthma (whether caused by allergies or not), act as an expectorant, not caffeine, soothe coughs and colds, containing French acid, and help to prevent polio.
~ Furthermore, the carob is known that it helps to increase libido and sperm count.

Our finished products meet all strict EU regulations and have obtained the certificate of organic products in Greece and the EU of the DIO, the Agency Audit and Certification Organization.

Fanatics of coffee can mingle ιτ with coffee to reduce caffeine and add nutrients and vitamins that can provide carob. Those who wish to drive away the habit of overconsumption of coffee you can now do with the coffee bean.

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