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Melasa black strap ola bio
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Organic Blackstrap molasses (420g)

Melasa produced from sugarcane with an old traditional recipe that gives it its unique great taste while maintaining all nutrients. Without any fat it is ideal for cooking, baking, salads, sauces, and it is perfectly combined with ice cream, yogurt, juice and coffee.
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Blackstrap molasses is the dark, viscous molasses that remains after maximum extraction of sugar from raw sugar cane. It has the consistency of a thick syrup, as the third boiling of sugar syrup yields blackstrap molasses. This concentrated byproduct is left over after the sugar’s sucrose has been crystallized. It has a robust flavor described as bittersweet. Unlike refined sugar, blackstrap molasses contains essential vitamins and minerals — boasting a number of powerful health benefits.

As the nutritional benefits of blackstrap molasses becomes better known. As opposed to refined sugar, molasses has the power to naturally relieve PMS symptoms, stabilize blood sugar levels, improve bone health, treat symptoms of ADHD and boost skin health.

Blackstrap molasses contains the vitamins and minerals that it absorbs from the sugar cane plant. Molasses has a moderate glycemic load of 55, which makes it a better choice than refined sugar, especially for people with diabetes. It contains high levels of vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron and selenium.

9 Blackstrap Molasses Benefits

1. Relieves PMS Symptoms

2. Combats Stress

3. Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

4. Helps Prevent Cancer

5. Promotes Skin Health

6. Improves Bone Health

7. Serves as Natural Remedy for ADD and ADHD

8. Treats Arthritis

9. Contains Cholesterol-Lowing Potassium

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