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Immune Booster Animal Parade Kids Chewable 90 Tabs


Immune Booster Animal Parade Kids Chewable 90 Tabs

Immune Booster Animal Parade Kids Chewable 90 Tabs

Animal Parade Kids Immune Booster offers customized immune system support, specially designed for kids delicate nutritional needs. These irresistibly delicious chewables feature a proprietary blend of vitamins A, C, E and zinc combined with whole foods, green tea and olive leaf.
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Category: Nutrition

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Acidophilus further supports peak immune system function while promoting a balanced digestive environment and optimal nutrient absorption.

Best of all, kids will flip over the fun animal shapes and luscious tropical berry flavor, bursting with fruity goodness!

With an incredible taste of tropical fruits.

Use: Two chewable tablets a day. - Hypoallergenic.

Children usually are every day in contact with germs, while cleanliness and hygiene are not in their priorities. Thus, they have special nutritional needs for excellent functioning of their immune system. The Kids Immune Booster with its unique immune-boosting ingredients is the best ally for a strong, effective children's immune system.

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