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Spray manuka enhlikes
Sugar free
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Throat spray with manuka honey and propolis (30ml)

Nutritional supplement in spray form suitable for the oral and pharyngeal cavity in case of sore throat or inflammation.
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Category: Food supplements

Related categories: Nutrition, Gluten Free

Product code: 6023



~Certified Manuka Honey MGO 500 mg / kg

~Antibacterial activity index 15+

~Gluten free

~Lactose Free

~No Sweeteners

Algem Manuka Spray is a nutritional supplement in the form of spray containing Manuka honey, resveratrol, β-glucan, sodium hyaluronate and grapefruit seed extract and is suitable for the oropharyngeal cavity in case of sore throat or inflammation. The presence of Propolis HRD®, promotes the well-being of the nose and throat and the body's natural defenses.

Components: Water, fructose, sodium lactate (60%), Manuka honey, β-glucan, citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, dry root extract Polygonum cuspidatum tit. 98% in resveratrol, sodium hyaluronate, Propolis HRD® tit. 10% in galantine and 2% quercetin, Grapefruit (tit.4: 1), Flavor: mint and lemon.

Recommended use: Two or three sprays, two or three times a day.

Avoid pregnancy.

AEO Notification Number: 72151 / 4-7-18

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