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Callowfit honey mustard style sauce
Callowfit honey mustard style sauce
Honey Mustard Style
Gluten free
Callowfit sauce
Callow Fit Visual Algemeen 800

Honey Mustard sauce Callowfit (300ml)

Opposites attract in this classic taste sensation. Honey and mustard flavours join forces in wonderful harmony. Seductively sweet and mildly sharp, all at once. And incredibly versatile, because it’s as delicious with chicken or salmon as it is with salad, or even in a sandwich.
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Category: Dukan - Keto - Paleo diets

Related categories: Nutrition, Sports nutrition, Gluten Free

Product code: 6211



A sweet and spicy sauce. A delicious and pure taste of real honey and real mustard combined. No fat, sugar or flavor enhancers have been added to this Honey Mustard sauce. Perfect taste, suitable as an addition to any meal, meat, chicken, salads or sandwiches.

The sauces are made from natural raw materials, such as tomato, salt, pepper and herbs, which are cooked and chilled. CALLOWFIT® sauces do not only look like real sauces and dressings, they also taste like that. Try them and judge for yourself!

Water, vinegar, herbs, spices (contains mustard 1,9%), salt, filler; cellulose (E460), thickening agent; xanthan gum (E415), acidulent; lactic acid (E270), flavouring (type honey), flavouring, acidulent; citric acid (E330), preservative agent; potassium sorbate (E202), colouring agent; caramel (E150c), sweetener; sucralose (E955), colouring agent; curcuma (E100).

Shelf life: Stored in cool, dark and dry place<20°C. Once opened refrigerated,the shelf life is limited.

Additional information:

This product is made with non-GMO raw materials according to EC directive 1829/2003 and 1830/2003 and therefor no need for GMO labelling. All raw materials from this consumer product comply with regulation EC 1881/2006.

Within the product several ingredients from natural source are used, these ingredients might vary during the shelf life.

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