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Cretan Grape syrup (Petimezi) (250ml)


Cretan Grape syrup (Petimezi) (250ml)

Cretan Grape syrup (Petimezi) (250ml)

This wonderful sweetener with great taste and aroma offers high energy and rich in iron (anemia) and calcium. Susc as honey it is considered to have antibiotic and therapeutic properties. A tablespoon of grape syrup, old people say, is a medicine for sore throat.
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Category: Nutrition

Product code: 6034-4566



The Grape syrup is a 100% natural product made without adding preservatives, dyes and sugar, which actually can be kept out of the refrigerator for very long time.

It also acts as a preservative in Cretan traditional cuisine, especially in sweets with eggplant and pumpkin. Drizzle over baked bread in tsaletia (pancakes hoecake-sweet gruel-based flour-an old dish from Samos), small pies from Tinos like fesklopita to more traditional dishes in the kitchen and at least one sweet and sour dish fish, savoro in various versions of the Cyclades.

It is combined very well with donuts and muffins. A superb sugar substitute in beverages, and confectionary. Used fas a syrup in ice cream and yogurt. Also in green salads with vinegar and in marinades for meat.

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