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Carob honey with petimezi for Osteoporosis (120g)


Carob honey with petimezi for Osteoporosis (120g)
Xaroupomelo me petimezi
Xaroupomelo me petimezi creta carob

Carob honey with petimezi for Osteoporosis (120g)

Its sugars are at 80 bricks. It is rich in calcium and helps with osteoporosis and the body absorbs it 100%.
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Category: Nutrition

Product code: 6152



Carob honey with petimezi (Grape syrup) is very nutritious and has a mild sweetness so it can have more uses.

Carob honey:
The calcium that carob honey contains to a large extent, plays a crucial role in many functions of the body:

~ in the structure and strength of bones and teeth
~ transmission of nervous messages
~ function of the heart
~ muscle contraction and relaxation
~ necessary for blood clotting
~ function of various metabolic enzymes

That is why its use is recommended and helps a lot in:

~ period of pregnancy,
~ cases of osteoporosis,

~ throughout the period of proper and physical development of your children,
~ cases of intestinal dysfunction.

Apart from taste and aroma, this excellent sweetener offers a great deal of energy and high levels of iron.
(anemia) and calcium. Like honey, it is considered to have antibiotic and healing properties. A spoonful of petimezi, the old saying goes, is a must for a sore throat.

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