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Black Truffle Dressing made with Extra virgin olive oil (250ml)


Black Truffle Dressing made with Extra virgin olive oil (250ml)

Black Truffle Dressing made with Extra virgin olive oil (250ml)

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to enhance your favorite recipes with just a dash or two of Truffle Oil. Your pizza, pasta, potatoes, and popcorn will never be the same.
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Category: Nutrition

Product code: 1998



An oil obtained from olives harvested in the autumn flower that preserves in itself those residues of olive pulp such as to give the product the flavor of the freshly crushed olive, combined with the unmistakable taste of the Truffle for a unique, exclusive and characteristic product.

Highest quality truffles: Tartufi Jimmy shave the highest quality black truffles and expertly blend them with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil: Cold-pressing produces less oil than heated pressing but ensures that the delicate flavors & aromas are not damaged.

Bursting with flavor: Intense earthy aroma. Powerful black truffle flavor throughout with a gentle olive oil finish. Use as a finishing oil to dress dishes before serving. Although the uses are endless, we recommend drizzling on foods like pasta, pizza and risotto.

Suitable for diets: Vegetarian, Vegan

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