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Xymos cranbery fysikos
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100% pure Cranberry juice Sugar free (750ml)

Genuine Natural Cranberry Juice 100%! It is obtained with the method of cold pressing, insoluble from first-class mature and cleaned cranberries. Immediately after harvesting, selected original cranberries from North America are carefully processed through inhouse pressing and afterwards gently bottled at Rabenhorst. The result is a premium quality pure cranberry juice which retains the entire wealth of its natural ingredients.
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Category: Nutrition

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No additional artificial ingredients. Keep in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep it in the refrigerator.

Nutritional value per 250ml: 70 calories, 0% fat, carbohydrates 17g. of which 6% sugars.

As stated in the relevant article of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers from the National Taiwan University Hospital reviewed ten studies on the effect of cranberries, because of the lack of treatment, in a sample of 1,500 volunteers.
Cranberries juice contains a substance that can prevent specific bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall. The E. coli bacteria, for example, causes more than 80% of all urinary tract infections.
In this study, it was found that Cranberries can prevent some of the infections caused by E. coli.

Researchers explain that juice tends to be effective for women who have recurrent urinary tract infections. While the juice is slightly better than effervescent tablets or pills.

It is particularly rich in tannins (proanthocyanidins), flavonoids, flavonols, elagik acid, chlorogenic acid, quercetin, myrisetin and others and can neutralize highly damaging free radicals.

Regarding their general antibacterial activity, cranberries protect against the formation of dental plaque and help to eradicate.

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