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Organic Castor Oil Cold pressed (100ml)

natural oils

Organic Castor Oil Cold pressed (100ml)

Organic Castor Oil Cold pressed (100ml)

It contains a fatty acid, retsina acid which has a high affinity for keratin vein and this is why it is used a lot in shampoos and cosmetic for the eyelashes.
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Category: Natural oils

Related categories: Natural oils, Ingredients for cosmetics

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Strengthens, protects and grows the eyelashes from rimel (brushing with castor oil - carrot oil). This is not only conducive to hair growth in general, but also exerts influence on steatogonous glands.

That is why castor oil is considered the most ideal for dry hair. Its presence in a shampoo also helps in hair styling.


1) It is combined well with other natural ingredients (almond oil, olive oil, bay oil, egg yolks, beer, lemon juice) for hair care and treatment.

2) It gives shine and strength to hair (gentle massage before shampooing and then wrap a warm towel for 2-3 hours).

3) Relieves cysts on the eyes (massage with castor oil)

4) Reduces moles (2 times a day we spread with a mixture of equal parts of castor oil and baking soda and keep on the skin covered well).

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