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Sandalwood essential oil (Naturol Aromatherapy 5ml)

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Sandalwood essential oil (Naturol Aromatherapy 5ml)

Sandalwood essential oil (Naturol Aromatherapy 5ml)

In India ranks in the "rituals" oils. They find that it helps in meditation. Has soothing properties, rejuvenates the skin and is suitable for skin ulcers, wrinkles, wide vessels, tired skin.
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Helps withcellulite, as an aphrodisiac increases testosterone production, as soothing calms stress and nervousness and finally helps in meditation and helps to find the person his inner peace.

It is not toxic, does not irritate the skin, so it can be used undiluted.

Fits with the following essentials: benzoin, rose, neroli, lemon, patchouli, cedar.


- For peace after intense mental work a drop between the eyebrows.
- For softness to the skin during the shower put it in neutral bath a few drops of sandalwood, roses, patchouli.
- To care for men after shave 50ml calendula oil put 10 drops of sandalwood and lavender 10.
- For warm, romantic atmosphere we put in the diffuser and 3 drops sandalwood 3 ylang ylang.
- To increase sexual massage the abdomen with 2/3 apricot, third sandalwood.

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