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Petit Grain essential oil (Primavera 5ml)

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Petit Grain essential oil (Primavera 5ml)

Petit Grain essential oil (Primavera 5ml)

Petit grain gives a refreshing, yellowish and spicy aroma with romantic floral notes if you use it on your body or your home. Its fragrance takes you in to blooming Mediterranean gardens and helps relieve stress and anxiety.
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Category: Essential oils

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Herbal and fresh, Primavera essential oil rejuvenates, balances and lifts the mood.

Uses - Applications:
Body perfume: Make your personal perfume by mixing 70ml Alcohol with 30ml petit grain. Alternatively, drip a few drops, diluted in jojoba oil, behind the ears and on the wrist.

Home scent: Thanks to its soothing and antidepressant properties, it is suitable for scenting your space and bathroom. Apply 5-10 drops to the oil vaporizer enough to give the desired result. Combines wonderfully with Geranium, Jasmine and Lavender,
Massage: 15 drops. in 1.7 fl. oz / 50 ml base oil.

Use it in a room scented device, as a scent in the bathroom, in floral blends for body oils. It is often recommended for insomnia, anxiety, depression and weakness.

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