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Lavender essential oil (Dioscurides 5ml)

essential oils

Lavender essential oil (Dioscurides 5ml)
Aitherio levanta dioscurides

Lavender essential oil (Dioscurides 5ml)

Lavender as one of the most popular essential oils, relaxes the body, helps in a peaceful sleep, and has regenerative properties and can be used for skin irritation and burns. The word "lavender" comes from the Latin "lavara" which means "to wash", the Romans used it to flavor their baths.

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The essential oil from the herb lavender is insecticide, other than the treatment and personal hygiene is appropriate for the health of your home.

Uses - Applications

Take advantage of the relaxing properties of lavender by following some small steps:

Pour 20-30 drops of lavender into your mop bucket and let the scent cover the whole house. Gardenia lovers can drip another 15-20 drops for a more intense feeling of freshness in your room.

Pour 2-3 drops under your pillow and make aromatherapy while you sleep.

Combine 10 drops of lavender with 10 drops of jasmine and 10 drops of ylang-ylang in 100ml of almond oil and make a unique relaxing massage.

Relaxing massage for babies: Combine 20 drops of mandarin oil with 10 drops of lavender oil in 100ml of almond oil and massage your baby after bathing and before bedtime. Then cover it with a very soft blanket and let it make its sweetest sleep.

Repel the moth from your favorite clothes by dropping 5-6 drops of cotton, which can be closed in a transparent pouch and hang it in the wardrobe or put it in your drawers. Those who follow the traditional way and use lavender as a herb for wardrobes can simply enhance the aroma of the herb after a afew months of use, by dripping a few drops on it and rubbing it gently with your hand.

Repel mosquitoes: Of the few essential oils that can be used insoluble on the skin. or take a few drops in almon t oil and spread it on your body and avoid mosquitoes. Suitable also for in children.

Decoction very relaxing and aromatic: It is a 100% genuine essential oil so its use in tea it is not only allowed, but it also gives an incredible taste. Particularly, we recommend that you try by combining a drop of lavender essential oil or even a teaspoon of lavender herbs with a few leaves of lemon verbena. First drop the leaves of lemon verbena on a mortar, pour 1 drop of lavender essential oil, stir well and then add hot water. Leave for about 2-3 minutes and then strain it. It's ready to enjoy it.

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