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Silk dental floss from natural Silk and mint


Silk dental floss from natural Silk and mint
Odontonima apo fysiko bamboo
Woobamboo forbes 600x600

Silk dental floss from natural Silk and mint

How many MILES AND MILES of plastic string should one person throw away in their life? With WooBamboo, it’s ZERO! We’ve encased our floss in a cool, plant-based plastic shell that also doubles as the dispenser. Pop it open, thread it, close it, use it.
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Category: Cosmetics

Product code: 6149



Thirty-seven meters of biodegradable silk floss made from only 3 ingredients: Natural Silk, Beeswax, and Organic Mint Leaf.

The silk is a derivative of silkworms. However, the methods we use to obtain the silk are completely cruelty free.

Others will force the worms to produce silk by exposing them to boiling water, ours are naturally produced without harming the little guys.

Because we have not harmed them in the process, it is considered to be Ahimsa (Peace) Silk.

The packaging is made from plant-based material that is commercially compostable.

The legend of Woo: WooBamboo is the brain-child of 3 friends that found themselves all equally concerned about the future of our planet Earth. (Because, let’s be honest, it is concern-worthy.) So together, after a year of planning and development, Steve Hyde, Christopher Fous, and Thomas Burt launched WooBamboo. On Earth Day of 2013 they opened the doors and started sharing the vision and selling the toothbrush that started it all.

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