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Detox Face Mask with Activated Carbon (BEE FACTOR) (75gr)


Detox Face Mask with Activated Carbon (BEE FACTOR) (75gr)
Maska Prosopou Detox Me Energo Anthraka Bee Factor Natural Cosmetic
Maska Prosopou Detox Me Energo Anthraka Bee Factor Natural Cosmetics

Detox Face Mask with Activated Carbon (BEE FACTOR) (75gr)

The detox face mask with activated carbon from bamboo, with green clay and honey in powder form achieves effective and deep cleansing of the skin pores, while at the same time it has a soothing effect. The final result is a clear skin, with visibly smaller pores and reduced redness.

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Category: Cosmetics

Related categories: Cosmetics, Women's care, Men's grooming

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The beneficial & healing properties of its ingredients.

Fuller's Earth - Smectite:
Smectite is included in the clay category . It absorbs toxins, impurities and oils, just like the well known clays. Thanks to its strong antiseptic properties, it detoxifies the skin and improves blood circulation.

Green Clay:
Green clay is rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, copper, dolomite, phosphorus, cobalt and many more minerals. Green Clay is ideal for detoxifying the skin. Its main purpose is to "cleanse" the skin, as it helps eliminate toxins. Helps to stimulate and tighten the skin, through improving blood circulation. Beauticians use green clay for facial care and, more specifically, for the "cleansing" of the pores and the "enrichment" of the skin with nutrients. Green Clay has the ability to "detoxify" the skin, removing the "impurities" that accumulate in the pores.

Powdered honey:
Powdered honey has really wonderful properties. One of them is the ability to retain moisture in the skin (Humectant). This way, the skin retains its natural "hydration", elasticity and remains radiant. Honey has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Activated Carbon:
Activated Carbon has the important property of absorbing thousands of times its weight in heavy metals, toxins, poisons and other chemicals. Effectively absorbs toxins from the skin and cleanses it deeply. In case the skin is particularly oily, it "pulls" the "oil" from its pores.

Ingredients: Fuller’s Earth - Smectite, Green Clay, Honey Powder, Bamboo Activated Carbon.


~ Combine one part of the Detox face mask with activated carbon (1 teaspoon) with two parts of water (2 teaspoons) and make a paste.
~ Caution -> Slowly add the water!
~ Apply to clean, damp skin.
~ For a quick facial treatment, gently massage for 60-90 seconds, take a shower and rinse.
~ For deeper treatment, leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes and then gently massage in the shower.
~ Use the mask once a week.

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