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Aloe vera gel
Aloe vera gel 100ml
Aloe vera gel 300ml

Aloe Vera Hand & body care gel (After sun)

Hand and body care product, with Aloe vera Barbadencis gel, derived exclusively from certified organic crops with vitamin E, glycerin, and wonderful aroma of bay leafs and tangerine essential oils.

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Category: Cosmetics

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~ It is absorbed immediately.
~ Helps to moisturize and renew dry skin, leaving it soft.
~ Can be applied daily, after exposure to the sun or after waxing.
~ It is enhanced with Vitamine-E invigorates and rejuvenates mature skin
~ Vitamin E penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, strengthens the less healthy cells and helps to regenerate the skin, heal scars and marks from surgeries.
~ Aloe gives shine to the skin. It leaves the skin smooth, with an intense feeling of freshness that lasts.
~ Suitable for all skin types.

An excellent product for the treatment of the hands and the body with aloe gel, that comes exclusively from certified organic cultivations, with its unique properties, offers freshness, intensive hydration and softness for all skin types, relieving the damaged skin from dryness and irritations, without leaving traces of oiliness.

In addition, the essential oils from the leaves of laurel and tangerine offer antimicrobial and healing properties which combined with the antioxidant properties of vitamin E contribute to the creation of an excellent product.

Use: It is recommended for use after exposure to the sun (aftersun) and for the treatment of micro-irritations from shaving (aftershave) or waxing

Apply the gel every day as often as you wish, to treat hand and body (feet, soles etc.), putting just a small amount on your palm spreading in circular motion and letting it to be absorbed.

External use only not for sensitive areas.

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