Organic Guarana powder


In sports and Fitness nutrition can be used for various purposes


Use .0.5g to 1g up to 2 times a day morning and afternoon for weight loss and appetite control for an active day. Avoid excessive consumption. The effect lasts 2-4 hours. Should not be consumed before bedtime.

1. Guarana refreshes without stimulating . It helps the brain to get ready for physical performance, as well as mental performance.

2. Guarana helps with its content of caffeine to release energy from fat metabolism (lipolysis).

3. Guarana reduces the feeling of hunger. So it is easier to endure a workout without carbohydrates. The workout earns thus a better effect on the metabolism of fat. Fitness athletes, who weight plays an important role,  Guarana gives the opportunity to easily reduce fat deposits. 

As an advise we can say that the Guarana promotes the propelling action of carnitine for fat burning because it releases fatty acids from the adipose tissues, which are then transferred with the help of Carnitine in place of burning fat cells . But guarana can not replace the physical training which is necessary for fat burning.

Text: Nick Mantzouranis
Doctor of Sport Physiology



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