Seed and Grain Flaker Eschenfelder 1200

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The Award-winning Eschenfelder Table-Mounted Manual Flaker 1200 is designed for the preparation of fresh-rolled flaked oats, wheat and similar or smaller sized dry grains like rye, rice, spelt, barley and quinoa


This roller can also be used to flake oily seeds such as flax, linseed, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, etc. Even some spices and herbs, like anise, fennel and cumin can be ground for teas or used in delicious dishes.

Perfect for making your own truly fresh muesli, porridge, crumble or baking garnish without requiring the use of steam or heat rolling. The two robust revolving stainless steel rollers are mounted in an attractively finished beech wood frame that can be clamped to a work surface if required

The handle turns one roller, and the other roller is friction-driven. The knurled pattern on the rollers breaks up the outer shell of the grains and seeds making them easier to digest. While some grains can be rolled to make true flakes, some drier grains crumble into coarse flour.

The Flaker is very easy to clean from all sides, particularly important when grinding oily seeds or spices.

What could be healthier than eating freshly made, organic fruit, seed and wholegrain breakfast cereal that you have made yourself from living foods!

Grain flakes can be used as a substitute for flour and empty starch to thicken soups and sauces, for pancakes, baking and for whole cereals. Baking dough may consist of 50% flakes and won’t affect the baking process of bread and cakes.

You can use the flakes to create delicious crispy flat cakes and if you like, make them sweet or spicy, or even add nuts or dried fruit.

Technical Details

Rollers:                   Stainless Steel with variable adjustment

Chute:                    Stainless Steel

Hopper:                   Aluminium

Frame:                    Beechwood treated with linseed oil

Hopper Capacity:      100 g (0.22 lb)

Grinding Output:       110g oat flakes per minute at 80 revolutions per minute


Length with handle:  23 cm (9 inches)

Width:                    12.5 cm. (5 inches)

Height:                    25 cm (9.75 inches)

Weight:                   2.2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Warranty 2 years


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