Organic wholegrain Corn flakes sugar free


Cereal with milk is a leading source of 10 nutrients in children’s diet, bringing essential vitamins such as A, B6, B12 and D to your breakfast table each morning.



1. Apart from satisfying the taste buds of consumers, cornflake is also a good source of vitamins, minerals, folate, dietary fiber, as well as proteins, and carbohydrates.

2. A good source of folate.  Folate is found to be beneficial for the formation of new cells.  Folate is also helpful in preventing birth defects, colon cancer and heart diseases.

3. Corn flakes are very rich in thiamine.  Thiamine is good for carbohydrate metabolism, energy production and cognitive functions.

4. Even though corn flakes are not rich in fiber, it can easily be taken care of by adding fresh fruits and nuts to your bowl of corn flakes.  Fiber helps to reduce cholesterol, constipation and the risk of colon cancer.

5. Very low in saturated fat and a gives you a good satiety.

6. It has no cholesterol.  Low cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attacks and heart diseases.
7. Corn flakes have a very high iron content.  Iron is a main component of hemoglobin.  A high iron diet is needed to maintain healthy blood levels.  Iron helps keep the brain alert.

8. It is rich in niacin, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B12 (for vegetarians vitamin B12 is available mostly in these foods), necessary for a fit and sound health.

9. Corn flakes added with milk is a protein rich food.  Protein is essential to the structure of red blood cells, for the proper functioning of antibodies resisting infection, for the regulation of enzymes and hormones, for growth, and for the repair of body tissue.

10. Frosted corn flakes are especially meant for growing children.  They are rich source of calcium and protein and moreover presence of sugar adds energy to body.

11. Honey corn flakes have the nutritional value of both honey and corn flakes.  As explained above, corn flakes are rich in calcium, protein, and mineral.  Honey is also a source for niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12.  So we can enjoy the benefit of both.

12. Almond corn flakes also have the nutritional value of both almonds and corn flakes.  Almonds strengthen muscles, prolong life, rejuvenate skin, and cures usual cough, and prevents asthma.  So almond corn flakes have high nutrition content.

13. Corn also contains a carotenoid called beta-cryptoxanthin, which is good for the health of the lungs and also prevents lung cancer.  Corn can promote cardiovascular health, if consumed in moderate quantities, regularly.  It is also good for people with renal problems.  This pigment is known for its association with the prevention cardiovascular and macular diseases, besides cancer.

14. One of the benefits of corn is it provides lutein which the body cannot produce. Lutein is an important nutrient for eye health.  A cup of corn flakes only provides 325mcg of lutein.

15.  Corn flakes taken with a cup of milk and some freshly cut fruits have proven to be an extremely nutritious and healthy breakfast cereal. One bowl of corn flakes taken with the same quantity of milk gives 150 calories.


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