Organic Agave Syrup (495gr)


A healthier sugar alternative that is made from organic agave plant- a giant spikey plants with a pineapple-like sweet bulb. This low GI sweeteners allows you to enjoy a little sweetness without raising your blood sugar rapidly while blends well with any dishes and beverages.


100% certified organic agave syrup.
Low glycemic index (GI), suitable for diabetic
Dairy free. Suitable for vegetarian and lactose intolerance
Neutral taste


Contains minerals and inulin (a prebiotic for intestinal health) which cannot be found in refined white or synthetic sugar. Natural and low GI. A healthier sweetener alternative to diabetic patient as well as health watcher.

What is Glycemic Index (GI)?
The glycemic index or GI is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates in food on blood sugar levels. A food with a high GI raises blood sugar more than a food with a medium or low GI.


Agave syrup can be used to replace others sugar. It has low GI but sweeter than cane sugar. When you use it to replace sugar, for every one cup of sugar in the recipe, replace
it with ⅔ cup of agave syrup or powder


Every person especially diabetic person should take all types of sugar or sweetener in MODERATION even a sweetener is natural or organic.


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