Pacacea 3 snail mucus extract cream


Cream prodused with the freshest ingredients, with 99% natural ingrediants, without Parabens, and discharge from snails that feed and grow outdoors without heavy metals, without the use of pesticides and chemical formulations.


Some of the amazing properties:

Softness: Unique softness from the first use, which remains on the skin even after several washes with water.

Brightness: From the first use  gives a unique glow and a strong sense of healthy skin.

Anti-aging effect: With less than two weeks lines and wrinkles are reduced. At the same time prevents the creation of new wrinkles, rectifies and makes the skin elastic, soft natural and hydrated due to good health.

Acne: In everyday use of "Panacea 3 used directly in some pimples immediately soothes and heals in record time. Heals  inflammation of acne and the scars ancne has left on the face.

Wounds and blows:  "Panacea 3" actually eliminates the need of the patch. With incredible hemostatic properties achieve rapid wound healing without leaving scars and without creating annoying scab (dried blood).

Black spots: By using the "Panacea 3 'disappear without any effort blackheads, closes the pores and daily use are not seeing the revival.

Scars: The "Panacea 3" decreases scarring, especially the relatively new, after surgeries and sutures.

Dermatitis and Psoriasis: The only immediate relief has been observed in many people used it.

Discoloration and freckles: The "Panacea 3" of Escargot de Crete is very effective in these skin problems. With continuous use fade and eventually disappear.

Dry skin: Great results! Since the first use of closed wounds and cracks, while daily use is not seeing the revival. The skin becomes soft and moisturized feeling.

Burns: Immediately soothes pain and heals the scars. There is no peeling of the skin if used early and often.

Bites: Soothes most directly affects pain or itching of various insect bites such as mosquitoes, wasps, bees, etc., and calms the skin.

Allergies: Soothes and most directly affects a very short time, leaving no symptoms on the skin

Also: It has a strong antioxidant, fights pathogenic bacteria of the skin, heals keloids, remove any skin irritation and prevents annoying twist of hair on the skin, is an ideal solution for sensitive skin shaving and heals cuts and irritations.

It is 99% natural product and can be used by the whole family. Even 1% approved ingredients for use in organic cosmetics.


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